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How to avoid fake Facebook posts

May 17, 2011

All over Facebook, people end up clicking on links that look like this:

  • “Wow! I can look at who views my profile! Click here to do it too!”
  • “Facebook releases a “Dislike” Button! Click here to get it now!”
  • “Someone said you were attractive on (Insert crappy app name here). Click here to find out who!”
  • “Hack into people’s Facebook profiles! Click here to find out how!”

Let me put a few things to rest here.

  1. You CAN NOT find out who views your profile without actually having prior access to someone else’s PC or unless Facebook dramatically changes their privacy policy (not going to happen).
  2. You CAN NOT get a dislike button from an app. Even if you did have it, the only people who could use it are the ones who subscribed to the app.
  3. Nobody thinks you are attractive, so there is no chance some app will post on your wall luring you to subscribe to it.
  4. YOU CAN’T JUST HACK PEOPLE. Hacking tools, hacking apps, phrases like “I’m going to hack you” are just bullshit. You can’t hack anything without gaining some information from someone first. If anything, the apps are ironic because when you install them, you are probably giving someone else access to your PC.

Also, cheesy Facebook apps are made for data mining. Whenever you install an app, you have to agree to give all your personal information to the people who made the app. They can keep this information in their basement server and make credit cards in your name for all you know.


Don’t install Facebook apps. Go outside and go for a walk, go to a park. If you are spending too much time on your computer, you have a problem. Solve the American obesity problem by going out.

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