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Getting yourself a new PC

April 25, 2011

Buying a new PC?

Let me help you with this simple guide.

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You are going to be in the midst of friendly acting people who want to take your money. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Pick out what you need. Don’t let someone else do it for you. Especially a  salesperson.

Salespersons are trained with the idea in mind that they are to exploit you for as much money as they can. If they make commission, it’s even more pressure. Big stores like BEST BUY and STAPLES do not make much money on the PCs they sell, they make the money by attaching services. If you take 5 minutes of your own time, I swear you will save the 3 hours they take and you will save at least $50/year. Get yourself a weekly circular, go to the store on the SUNDAY when the sale starts when they open, and get your CHEAPER PC.

Go to the store of your choice, make sure the PC is right for you by actually using it first. Especially laptops. Laptop designers have gone so overboard with aesthetics nowadays, sometimes it is physically UNCOMFORTABLE to use the mousepad or keyboard. Also, not all laptop screens are created equally. Get one that is nice and bright (Article coming soon).


ACER hit the market big about 5 or 6 years ago, and people liked them so much, they made a ton of $ and they bought out GATEWAY who owned EMACHINES. Acer quality quickly took a turn for the worse as all their laptops became cheap, lightweight, hard to service, and poorly manufactured (physically). Their performance is nothing to complain about, but the hinges are troublesome, especially in their 17 inch models. ACER PCs Come with a lot of branded software that clings to all the functionality of your PC. C-

HP used to be an industry standard, but their quality of product has dramatically decreased and their PCs come filled with trial software that takes close to an hour to get rid of. Compaqs are in the same boat, with even less quality.

SONY laptops are thin, stylish, but they don’t cool well and their screens and known to die easily. Their backlights can go dead in a few years especially in their all-in-ones. The PCs don’t come with too much trial software. Their desktops are overpriced but cool well and can be heavy. D+

ASUS used to primarily be a motherboard manufacturer for the most part, making quality parts. I have had ASUS motherboards for years, with no problems. Their laptops are decent quality, but I run into one every now and then with a busted keyboard or a touchpad not working. B+

MSI is another Motherboard mogul who started making laptops (mainly netbooks) and they get mediocre reviews. Many people complain about the ease of use above everything. C+

DELL is probably one brand that went from good – to crap – to great. Everyone knows that “Black / Purple Dell PC” from nearly 10 years ago. I still get them in my office for spyware problems. Same old hard drive, same amount of RAM, same XP install. These things last forever. Soon after, they started with the INSPIRON NOTEBOOKS IN SILVER / GREY which had numerous hardware issues and possible dust in front of backlights, which were not covered under warranty. Their newest PCs are lightweight, designed well, B+

APPLE is what you get when you pay $500 for parts, throw on a custom operating system, and charge an extra $1000 for the PC. Since you paid so much for the PC, you get EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They can afford to take care of your PC at little to no charge, even if it’s out of warranty.

BUILD YOUR OWN PC (Thread coming soon) A+

Buy your new PC with the accessories you need, do not purchase software, and for the love of god, don’t let them install it for you. Don’t even let them look at it when you buy it. Next post is about FREE SOFTWARE that will install automatically. No hassles, no wizards to browse through.

This, and every article I write is fully is fully open to criticism and suggestions.

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